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Youth reflect the future of the nation.
The qualities that make youth to be a strength of a  nation are unselfishness towards nation's growth,innocence towards evils and power to stand united.
The word "youth" calls for afresh ideas and innovations.
Youth is responsible to drive the nation towards social and economic development.
Since politics is the best way to bring reforms.
Participation of youth in politics is an option that can help to make India to reach heights by year 2020.

If we are able to inculcate a good sense of responsibility
Youth can stand and sustain in politics

Apart from politics, youth should view themselves from a Citizen's perspective.

The attributes like courage,sincerity,resilence are prevalent in youth. These qualites if honed well can make them great leaders.

 They can even bring change by using the paper media by sharing their views and unveil the facts.

Youth can charge their senses by inspiration,encouragement and moral support. This energy can be utilised for a good cause like fullfillment of social responsibilty.
For instance,To make things possible, youth can start out their contribution in the form of service by starting at micro level. They can adopt a village and work for its development.

Youth alone is responsible for evolution of a new class of people called "software professionals".
As a result by year 2020, we are going to witness a nation with improved standard of living,increased percaptia income and national income.

There always been presence of youth is most of the disciplines like Young Entrepreneurs' Organization, youth congress etc but the reason for such organisations to be passive is lack of moral support and oppurtunity.

Youth has to remove their rebellion attitude and be practical in implementing their ideas and plans for their nation's prosperity.

Enterpreneurship is another practical way for youth to prove themselves and nation as a whole.

Mr.N.R.Narayana murthy,who started his life as a small enterpreneur now emerged as the chief mentor of a gigantic organisation like Infosys, which continues to be a trendsetter in IT industry .

The organisation has also been socially responsible by its efforts to spread technology word and serve the nation by all means.


Day demands afresh ideas
Do u have it in You ?

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